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Career counseling

The number of PhD scholars at the Faculty of Health, Aarhus University has increased over the last decade in accordance to the University strategy plan. Traditionally PhD scholars from our faculty have a high success rate in achieving employment, especially in the public sector, mostly in research and in the health care system. However, the skills acquired during the PhD are often not used to the full extent, especially when Medical Doctors with PhD are employed in the health care system, since research is often not a part of their work responsibilities as clinical employee, therefore not encouraged. Moreover, many are not aware of all the alternative options of employment that does not include the public sector, and a high percentage of the PhD at the faculty is not constituted of Medical Doctors. Formal career advising is more or less absent at the faculty.

The aim of this group is to maximise the utilisation of expertise and skills acquired during the PhD study and to increase the knowledge among PhD students concerning different options of employment after completion of the PhD, including international careers and careers in commercial companies.