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Aim: To increase the number of PhD students going abroad during their PhD study.


Background: Aarhus University has an expressed wish to improve their position on international ranking lists. Among other things, improving international collaboration can enhance this. SUN has therefore an expressed wish to recruite foreign PhD students of a high international level.

Additionally even though it is emphasised that going abroad is an important part of the Health PhD study, in fact very few students actually spend time in a foreign research environment. This could be due to an underestimation of the challenges the students have to overcome to go abroad, such as difficulties in arranging their stays abroad, and numerous other things.

Plan of action: Partly due to involvement of the PhD association, "going abroad" has been put on the agenda at the Faculty. The PhD Association will continuously seek to enhance efforts supporting students going abroad. This will be through Afterwork meetings, lectures, and collaboration with the International Center. It is also important that supervisors recognize the value of going abroad. The PhD school will emphasis this to the senior researchers.